Credit Union Intelligence

Credit Union Intelligence applied to Business Intelligence

Why Credit Union Intelligence?

Credit Union executives clearly recognize the need to use business information to manage and measure key performance indicators, member relationships, activity patterns, employee performance, and membership loyalty in order to make critical business decisions and plan future strategy. The true value of Credit Union Intelligence is realized when the information from all sources within your Credit Union is used to recognize opportunities, drive change, improve efficiency, and support the goals and strategies of your Credit Union.

Credit Union Intelligence is not just something you install; it is a way data is accumulated, delivered, and used to manage your Credit Union. Our approach along with our expertise, knowledge, and skills, creates a clear understanding of how Credit Union Intelligence can benefit your Credit Union and be embraced by your entire management team.

ID Credit Union Intelligence

CU Intelligence Overview

What Does A Credit Union Intelligence Solution Offer?

Credit Union Intelligence creates an environment in which data is reliable, consistent, understandable, easily accessed and timely. Effective use of Credit Union Intelligence allows a credit union to transition from reactive management to a proactive force in defining future strategies, goals and tactics. Successful credit unions are using business information to proactively manage and measure financial performance, member trends and membership demographics in order to make critical business decisions and plan future strategies, goals, and tactics.

Successful Credit Union intelligence solutions offer:

  • Executive decision-making information delivery
  • Product and activity analysis leading to opportunity identification
  • Member engagement level evaluation
  • Relationship recession detection
  • Automation and delivery of member relationship data to employees
  • Product penetration measurement
  • Manage change
  • Improve operational efficiency and performance
  • Real-time ability to plot productivity against goals

The Key To Credit Union Intelligence Success

Successful Credit Union Intelligence solutions help Credit Unions gain comprehensive knowledge of and insight into the factors that affect their overall performance. The success of our Credit Union Intelligence implementations is the focus that we place on understanding the vision, goals, and strategic objectives of the credit union to create a ‘top down – bottom up’ approach. This approach, lead by your executive team, supports the goals and strategies important to your credit union along with enhancing daily processes and real-time management and decision-making.

Our approach creates a clear understanding of how Credit Union Intelligence can benefit your credit union and be embraced by your entire management team. Credit Union Intelligence is a powerful solution when instituted with a well-organized plan.

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Credit Union Intelligence Lifecycle

CU Intelligence Lifecycle


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