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Intellectual Dimensions has successfully guided more than 200 credit unions to peak performance and profitability and is a recognized industry leader in Credit Union Intelligence with unparalleled experience, knowledge, and proven tools.

Corporate America Family Credit Union

Intellectual Dimensions is comprised of Credit Union professionals that have more than 23 years of experience designing and implementing Credit Union Intelligence solutions. We understand the credit union industry and the technology essential to supporting your goals to increase income, identify and leverage new opportunities, and to deepen member relationships. With more than 200 successful Credit Union Intelligence clients, Intellectual Dimensions is the proven leader that you want to guide you through the process of gaining comprehensive knowledge and insight into the factors that affect your overall performance so you can achieve peak performance, profitability, and innovation.

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Best-in-Class Credit Union Intelligence Solutions

To provide best-in-class Credit Union Intelligence solutions, services, and innovative tools to credit unions at a cost-effective price, which when teamed with our industry subject matter expertise empowers strategic initiatives and creates a competitive advantage for our clients.

Intellectual Dimensions can assist you in constructing an environment that supports executive decision making and innovative business solutions by leveraging talent and tools that exist within your organization.  The founders of Intellectual Dimensions recognized a knowledge gap that existed in many organizations between their IT and business units. Intellectual Dimensions’ goal is to maximize your success through a partnership approach that allows us to bridge gaps between IT and business units while leveraging existing resources.

We understand your imperative to remain competitive and this means making the most of the resources and data you have available.  Intellectual Dimensions offers industry expertise, experience, and proven tools to give your team the help they need to implement best-in-class innovative Credit Union Intelligence solutions.

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Intellectual Dimensions is a recognized leader in Credit Union Intelligence solutions. We retain the top credit union industry professionals, with combined experience of more than 150 years, and expertise in all aspects of credit union management, operations, and technology. We have specialized exclusively in Credit Union Intelligence solutions for more than 23 years. Our difference is that we are able to bridge the gap that exists between IT and operations as well as speak the language of front-line staff and executives. This coupled with our proven tools and our unique perspective allows us to provide you with best-in-class and innovative solutions.

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Keith E. Bluford, Sr.
Keith E. Bluford, Sr.President | Managing Partner
John W. Chapman III
John W. Chapman IIIChief Software Architect | Founder
Michael Aranda
Michael ArandaBusiness Intelligence & Business Solutions Analyst
Christine Barbour
Christine BarbourBusiness Intelligence & Business Solutions Sr. Analyst

What Our Clients Are Saying

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My data warehouse is the tool that puts action to our strategies.
Joe Williams, VP of Information Technology, HEB Federal Credit Union
Our engagement with Intellectual Dimensions has allowed us to move to the next level in reporting and analysis. Using the insights gained by combining Intellectual Dimension’s creative methodologies with their in-depth knowledge of the core database, we have been able to expand our understanding of what is possible.
Andy Bowen, VP of Technology, Corporate America Family Credit Union
ID was integral in helping with our merger and data conversion. They did an excellent job keeping us organized, on track, and ensured everything got completed on time.
The data conversion went very smoothly with very minimal member impact. We couldn’t have done this merger without Intellectual Dimensions.
Branda Abbott, CPA President/COO, Career Members Federal Credit
Our data warehouse and BI infrastructure have revolutionized the way we are able to get facts at a credit union, regional branch, and employee level. I am not sure what we would do without it.
Mark Koppedryer, VP of Branches, Veridian Credit Union
Leveraging the information collected by our data warehouse serves as the cornerstone for The Partnership Federal Credit Union’s sound business decision-making. This ‘daily dashboard’ has also been a powerful part of a living culture shift to engage each department head in becoming more integrated into strategies and decisions that benefit the entire credit union, not just those in their own area.
Bonnie S. Ortiz, COO, The Partnership Federal Credit Union
Our data warehouse has gone from being a cool information gatherer, to a mission critical platform at our credit union.
Mark Rowan, VP of Information Technology, Premier Members Federal Credit Union
The team at ID brings years of credit union experience and business acumen. Their ability to communicate openly and honestly blends wonderfully into our culture. They are patient teachers to all staff, effectively translating the most complex information into common terms. They are simply a part of our family and I couldn’t imagine operating this credit union without their assistance.
Bonnie S. Ortiz, COO, The Partnership Federal Credit Union
Intellectual Dimensions provides project management, guidance and system support through member acquisition projects and mergers. They are very dedicated, work on site and provide years of valuable experience.
Belinda Wilson, VP, Development, Piedmont Advantage Credit Union
This environment allows me to build automation and solutions using off the shelf SQL Server and tools. Having accurate, consistent, and “ties to the penny” data daily in a familiar data model allows me to focus projects important to the growth and well being of the credit union, not system management. All of this is a critical part of our integrated credit union growth strategies.
Mark Rowan, VP of Information Technology, Premier Members Federal Credit Union